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Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
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> Quoting Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:
>> Thank you for the idea. It seems to be the only workaround(?) for now.
>>  Any chance that there will be a checkbox in the future to  
>> set/unset the signature?
> I'm not sure whether I'd consider it a workaround or something worthy of a
> checkbox. Most email clients that I've used simply append the signature in
> the compose window so you could delete it if necessary; IMP used to do
> that, too, so it's probably a design decision. In any event, I don't feel
> entirely comfortable about the implied inclusion of the signature that IMP
> H5 applies. I would prefer to see what's being sent in the email.

Thats interesting. The signature does not show up in the compose  
window so I could delete it. Its just being attached as I prepared it  
in the settings.
I won't mention MS-Outlook but it has an attractive way for different  
signatures wether to choose one or not. Maybe it will not be a  
checkbot but a dropdown menu in the future like the ones already there  
(could be hidden under 'More Options'.
But you are right, it still depends. I am using your method now for  
signature or not.

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