[horde] Complete Uninstall of one application

Hanns Mattes hanns at hannsmattes.de
Fri Nov 2 20:02:33 UTC 2012


as stated in
after upgrading I can't log in anymore to an external caldav-calendar
with kronolith.

Because I don't have a clue, what prohibits the
client/server-communication, I'm thinking of doing a fresh install of
kronolith and start from scratch with that application[1] (other
applications like imp, ingo and turba are working as expected, so I
don't want to reinstall horde completely).

My question is: What do I have to do for a complete uninstall?

I'd start with uninstalling kronolith via pear and delete the
kronolith-directory on the webserver. Next, I'd delete the
kronolith*-tables in the database.

Anything more to do?

Regards Hanns

[1]  Well, best would be a solution for the problem itself :-)

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