[horde] Error After Installation of Nag

Helmut Schiefer Helmut at 4Schiefer.de
Mon Nov 12 05:23:29 UTC 2012

Hello Mike,

Thanks. Yes I missed the pear package content. Due to fact I installed  
all with --alldeps, I never thought that I missed some packages.

Maybe it makes sense to add content as an dependecy to nag.

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> Quoting Helmut Schiefer <Helmut at 4schiefer.de>:
>> Dear List,
>> a few minutes ago I installed NAG on my server. Installation runs  
>> god and without without any problems.
>> I copied the database from my existing server to the new hord 5  
>> system and I got the following problem.
>> If I click on Nag in the Top Level Navigation I got a blank page  
>> back and the follwing in the Log:
>> Nov 11 22:17:30 voyager HORDE: [nag] Class Content_Types_Manager  
>> does not exist [pid 3295 on line 60 of
> Do you have the "content" application installed?
> -- 
> mike
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> mrubinsk at horde.org

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Best Regards
Helmut Schiefer

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