[horde] how is searching with turba is supposed to work?

Claas Hilbrecht claas.hilbrecht+maillinglists.horde at jucs-kramkiste.de
Tue Nov 13 17:38:22 UTC 2012


today I get somewhat confused about how the turba addressbook search works. 
I've changed the localsql driver to add the fields 'homeEmail' and 
'workEmail' (and some other fields too, similar to 
<http://wiki.horde.org/TurbaExtraFields>). I've created a 
backends.local.php with the following content:

$cfgSources['localsql']['map'] = array_diff($cfgSources['localsql']['map'], 
array("object_cellphone", "object_fax"));

$cfgSources['localsql']['map']['homeEmail'] = 'object_homeemail';
$cfgSources['localsql']['map']['workEmail'] = 'object_workemail';
$cfgSources['localsql']['map']['homeCellPhone'] = 'object_homecellphone';
$cfgSources['localsql']['map']['workCellPhone'] = 'object_workcellphone';
$cfgSources['localsql']['map']['workFax'] = 'object_workfax';
$cfgSources['localsql']['map']['homeFax'] = 'object_homefax';

$cfgSources['localsql']['tabs'][_("Communications")] = array('homeEmail', 
'homePhone', 'homeCellPhone', 'homeFax',
'workPhone', 'workCellPhone', 'workFax',
'imaddress2', 'imaddress3');
$cfgSources['localsql']['search'] = array('name', 'email', 'homeEmail', 
'workEmail' );

I've also created the required fields at sql database level and I can 
use/edit the fields as expected. I didn't get any error messages or 
something like that.

Now I start searching the turba addressbook with the minisearch at the 
portal page. Previously I've selected all addressbooks as datasources. The 
minisearch returns the email address that is stored in 'object_email' 
inside the database. I've asked on IRC how the minisearch should worked and 
yunosh (sorry don't know realname) says that minisearch should search all 
fields of type email and return the first email found in 'object_email', 
'object_workemail' or 'object_homeemail'. But as stated before only email 
addresses in the 'object_email' are returned. If I change

$cfgSources['localsql']['map'] = array_diff($cfgSources['localsql']['map'], 
array("object_cellphone", "object_fax"));


$cfgSources['localsql']['map'] = array_diff($cfgSources['localsql']['map'], 
array("object_cellphone", "object_fax", "object_email"));

as inspired from 
the minisearch now gives the result from the 'object_homeemail' back and 
still ignoring 'object_workemail'.

So again, what is the expected behaviour off minisearch. Should it return 
the first email found in whatever email_object or is minisearch limited to 
only one email column?

Next I tried to search from IMP with autocompletion. This also worked only 
for 'object_email' and no other email fields. This seems to be a known 
limitation according to the ticket <http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/10913#c2>. 
This ticket mentioned that using any other email field like 'workEmail' 
instead of 'email' doesn't work for IMP autocompletion. Since this ticket 
is created before H5 I would simply get a confirmation that the limitation 
is still valid with the current IMP versioh.

Hope someone can throw some light in the dark :)

MfG Claas Hilbrecht

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