[horde] Horde 5 Interface on IPad/Safari

Helmut Schiefer Helmut at 4Schiefer.de
Tue Nov 13 20:56:53 UTC 2012

Hello List,

one more question. I try to run the new interface on an ipad with  
Safari Browser/IOS 5.

During testing I found some issues with the top navigation bar. I  
think, it was discussed on the list a few days ago in an other  

I'm able to use the native Horde Menu items, but I'm not able to use  
my customs menu entries and I'm also not able to use the configuartion  
menu. In both menus, the submenue doesn't expand. Is there a  
posibility, maybe a feature request to implement the same navigation  
functionality on the custom menu function and on the configuration link?

If I use some of my custom menus links, it works.


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