[horde] identities/fullname in apps

Stuart C. Naifeh scnaifeh at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 03:41:37 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I've set a hook in horde/config/hooks.local.php to pull the fullname
attribute from my Ldap database.  It works fine on the home screen and in
imp, where it shows up in my from address for my default identity.  In the
other apps, however, it does not seem to be used.  E.g. in Turba, my
default address book is still Address book of <userid>, and in my case,
user id is the full email address, so it's quite ugly. Ditto in Kronolith.
  I think Turba and Kronolith are referencing the fullname value if it's
populated, but somehow, my hook is not being called for those apps.

I tried putting an identical hook in to Turba's config directory, but it
had no effect.

How do I get the default address book and calendar to use my fullname hook
(or where do I put the hook for fullname for those apps)?


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