[horde] pear question ssh2 and Horde_Vfs

Samuel Wolf samuelwolf85 at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 18 17:08:30 UTC 2012

> Try:
> rm /usr/share/pear/.registry/.channel.pecl.php.net/ssh2.reg
> pecl install pecl.php.net/ssh2
rm /usr/share/php/.registry/.channel.pecl.php.net/ssh2.reg
on Debian Squeeze ;-)

root at wds:/# pecl install ssh2-0.12
downloading ssh2-0.12.tgz ...
Starting to download ssh2-0.12.tgz (26,223 bytes)
.........done: 26,223 bytes
6 source files, building
running: phpize
sh: phpize: not found
ERROR: `phpize' failed

But pear upgrade-all is now ok:

root at wds:/# pear upgrade-all
Nothing to upgrade-all


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