[horde] portal handling of HTTP connection errors sub-optimum

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Wed Jan 9 14:33:38 UTC 2013

Dear Horde team,

as I don't know if errors in the portal should be discussed in the  
"horde" list or in the specific one for each portal block, and the  
reported behavior covers more than one block type, I chose horde at lists:

I'm logged in to my H5 server via a remote connection, then the  
Internet link went down for several minutes (proxy problem somewhere  
in the client's upstream network).

IMP (open in one of the browser tabs) notices this and pops up the  
login window. That's ok.

The browser tab with the H5 portal shows the following text at least  
in the portal blocks for "webmail:newest unseen" and "webmail:mailbox  
summary"... and iirc "calendar:calendar summary" as well.  
(Unfortunately, I had already re-logged-in in the IMP tab and  
auto-refresh corrected the display after that. Fortunately, I had  
already c&p the text :) )

--- cut here ---
--- cut here ---

The corresponding AJAX handlers should IMO check if the AJAX response  
actually delivered data, and display a more user-friendly message  
instead (Something like "an error occurred"). OTOH, the portal could  
simply switch to the login screen like IMP...


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