[horde] upgrade from 3.3.11 to 5.0.2

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jan 10 12:18:40 UTC 2013

Zitat von Cale Fairchild <cfairchild at brocku.ca>:

> On 10/01/2013 05:23, Jan Schneider wrote:
>> Zitat von Cale Fairchild <cfairchild at brocku.ca>:
>>> On 09/01/2013 18:08, Alan Silver wrote:
>>>> Hi all:
>>>> I am currently running on a centOS 5.8 machine, mysql 5.0.95
>>>> horde 3.3.11
>>>> and the latest revs for the apps
>>>> turba 2.3.5
>>>> kronolith 2.3.5
>>>> dimp 1.1.6
>>>> ingo 1.2.5
>>>> imp 4.3.9
>>>> passwd 3.1.3
>>>> I am installing a new server with centos 6.3, mysql 5.1.66.  And  
>>>> I would like to upgrade to horde version  5.0.2
>>>> I have read some into on these mailing lists and such, but I  
>>>> still am having some issues. I can get v.5 to install just fine.  
>>>> But I am having difficulties with getting the info from the old  
>>>> db to show up in the new db. The apps I have been focusing on  
>>>> making sure that they work are turbo and ingo since they are used  
>>>> heavily
>>>> My latest attempts revolve around using the horde 3 db in the  
>>>> horde 5 application and go to the configuration tab and updating  
>>>> the db schemas. It seems to work. But I still cannot see entries  
>>>> in my address book.
>>>> With the address book, I do see the data in the mysql db.
>>>> But if I try to browse my address book in horde, I get the following error
>>>> Jan  9 16:16:58 crayfish HORDE: [turba] SQL QUERY FAILED:  
>>>> SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column  
>>>> 'object_nameprefix' in 'field list'  #012#011SELECT object_id,  
>>>> object_type, owner_id, object_members,#012#011   
>>>> object_nameprefix, object_firstname, object_middlenames,#012#011   
>>>> object_lastname, object_namesuffix FROM turba_objects WHERE  
>>>> (owner_id#012#011  = 'asilver') [pid 2383 on line 815 of  
>>>> "/usr/share/pear/Horde/Db/Adapter/Base.php"]
>>>> and the name(s) don't show up.
>>>> Can anyone offer some advice or need further information to help me out?
>>>> Thanks much!
>>>> alan
>>> Hello all,
>>> I have the same upgrade scenario; I have been reading the docs and  
>>> searching the Internet for a few weeks now.
>>> In the upgrade documents there is no mention of going from version  
>>> 3 ->5, just 3 -> 4 and 4 -> 5 so I have been struggling to get a  
>>> temporary installation of Horde 4 going to do the database  
>>> conversions one major version at a time. Is this the recommended  
>>> path or are the database upgrade routines from Horde 5.0.2  
>>> designed to handle an import from a Horde 3 installation?
>>> Thanks as well for any suggestions on the best upgrade path for  
>>> data integrity.
>> You can directly upgrade to H5, but the H3->H4 upgrade instructions  
>> still apply.
> Thanks for the quick reply,
> When you say the H3->H4 instructions still apply, do you mean only  
> the configuration file changes or does that include the  
> horde-migrate-db script (which does not seem to be present in H5)? Is

That means that you have to follow all steps to upgrade from H3 to H4  
and from H4 to H5.

> it possible that upgrading the long way H3->H4->H5 would produce a  
> better DB migration, and therefore help situations like the one above?

No. At some point in the future we might require a higher minimum  
version to still support upgrading, but for now it's easy for us to  
support upgrading from (latest) H3 to any later Horde version.
Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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