[horde] Issues with Trean [bookmark module]

Laurent Mazet mazet+horde at softndesign.org
Sun Jan 13 16:00:43 UTC 2013

Quoting Laurent Mazet <mazet+horde at softndesign.org> at ven., 11 janv. 2013:

> Hi
> I tried the beta of Trean and i get two main issues:
> * redirection does not work properly (if one clicks on a bookmark, it
> open a window to an incorrect address)
> * deletion does not work
> I will check tonight if I can find more insights about them.


First issue was that Horde_Queue was missing. Even if I install  
horde/trean with options '-a -B˝, it does not install  
horde/Horde_Queue. I need to install it manually using command

$ sudo pear install horde/Horde_Queue-alpha

With this library installed, redirection works

Second issue is due to my local installation (I think).
* I keep an old H3 from debian package in /usr/share/horde3, inactive  
and masquerade be rewrite rules from /horde3 to /horde
* I have an H4 in /usr/local/share/horde, still in used
* I freshly install H5 in /usr/locał/horde5/horde5 (with its own pear libs)
In Trean, edit and delete don't work properly, I get an "Not found" on  
/usr/local/share/horde5/horde5/rampage.php even if this file exists.
I found that I need to correct RewriteRule in  

$ diff .htaccess.old .htaccess
<     RewriteRule ^(.*)$ rampage.php [QSA,L]
>     RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /horde5/rampage.php [QSA,L]

After that, Trean works perfectly

However, I dig into all ".htaccess" files and release that  
rpc/.htaccess, content/.htaccess, and kronolith/feed/.htaccess have  
RewriteRule. Do I need to apply same kind of patch?



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