[horde] Horde Webmail 5.0.4 - HTML editor not working

Markus Winkler ml at irmawi.de
Mon Feb 18 17:08:27 UTC 2013


I'm using Webmail 5.0.4 on Debian Squeeze together with Cyrus IMAP.
All is running fine so far. But, if I want to write a new HTML e-mail:
"new message" -> the new message window pops up -> activate "HTML
composition" -> in the editor section of this window a "Loading..."
appears and nothing more. I still can enter TO:-addresses and a
subject and can even send the e-mail. But I have no chance to enter
the mail text.

I searched all the logs, but I cannot find any errors.

Any idea, what to check or where to search for errors etc.? I searched
up and down but cannot find any hint regarding this problem. The
test.php says, that all software requirements and settings are fine.

I would be nice if someone could help me.

Thanks and regards,

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