[horde] Session overflow

Gary witscher at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 03:57:53 UTC 2013

Hi Claude,

Thank you for bring this to my attention, I have been wondering why  
horde is always loging me out when I have the session timeout set to  
0. I changed the mysql column per your instructions and haven't had a  
problem since. Hopefully this won't cause a problem for upgrades.

I really don't consider myself a "poweruser", whatever that may mean,  
but this fix is a good one regardless of what type of user one is.

Thanks again

Quoting Claude Tompers <claude.tompers at restena.lu>:

> Hello,
> We just found some powerusers in our horde system with Session data in
> MySQL bigger than 64k (max size of type blob) causing horde to crash and
> log them out.
> MySQL cuts the serialized session object after 64k so when Horde reads
> it again, it is not valid anymore.
> We changed the SessionHandler.Session_Data column in the horde database
> to mediumblob (16M) and the problem disappeared immediately.
> Is this a known issue ? I suppose we are not the only ones with such
> power users.
> Shouldn't Horde log warnings of such overflows from MySQL ?
> kind regards,
> Claude
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> Claude Tompers
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> Fondation RESTENA - Réseau Téléinformatique de l'Education Nationale  
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