[horde] Can't install Horde Groupware Webmail 5

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Mon Mar 11 09:57:13 UTC 2013

Hi Reppy,

Zitat von Reppy Gibbs <repgahroll at gmail.com>:
> Hello there.
> I'm trying to install Horde Groupware Webmail 5 in a remote server, I've

hurray, another user :D Up to your message I seemed to be the only one  
using this combo.

> Also, it seems the version is the 4.0.9 (because the downloaded package is
> webmail-4.0.9.tgz), not the newest 5 version, although I just did the steps
> on the link, which are supposed to install the version 5.

There is work in progress on the H5 version, I have it running on my  
server just fine. But as it only seemed to be of interest to me, the  
current code still contains some minor areas to be less customized to  
my situation ;) Details are in http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/11738.

> I don't have any experience with this Pear stuff, so sorry if this is a
> stupid question.

Not at all.


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