[horde] Horde Groupware 5.0.1 on OpenBSD

kanzer bdk kanzer at live.com
Mon Apr 29 18:01:57 UTC 2013

hi to all

I have postfix and running openbsd
I tried to install horde groupware according to the following link
but when entering the url address where horde I get the following:
exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message '/var/www/pear/data/Horde_Core/locale is not a directory' in /pear/lib/Horde/Translation/Handler/Gettext.php:43 Stack trace: #0 /pear/lib/Horde/Translation.php(57): Horde_Translation_Handler_Gettext->__construct('Horde_Core', '/var/www/pear/d...') #1 /pear/lib/Horde/Translation.php(89): Horde_Translation::loadHandler('Horde_Translati...') #2 /pear/lib/Horde/Core/Translation.php(33): Horde_Translation::t('A fatal error h...') #3 /pear/lib/Horde/ErrorHandler.php(81): Horde_Core_Translation::t('A fatal error h...') #4 [internal function]: Horde_ErrorHandler::fatal(Object(InvalidArgumentException)) #5 {main}
was not to be this or where to start looking, anyone could take a help me?
many thanks 		 	   		   		 	   		   		 	   		  

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