[horde] H5 theme development - RC1 download

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Fri May 3 20:16:55 UTC 2013


today we want to introduce our first RC of theming support for Horde 5.

It's not for weak eyes but also not shining brightly - It's the  
old-style Matrix theme as we all know it.

We are looking for feedback from the horde developers what to improve,  
and possibly hinting out how to. And feedback from the community.

Our target is to create a script combined with a color chooser to  
simplify the task for you guys to create your own colors.

It is highly appreciated if someone wants to create new views of  
horde, and of course new images, which I am not creative enough to do :)

You can download The Matrix Theme for Horde 5 from:  

At this time you only need this one folder, the content will overwrite  
colors for Horde, IMP, Kronolith, Nag, Turba, Gollem, Sesha, Trean and  
Mnemo. As soon as more H5 stable apps come out we will adapt the theme  
for them.

Thank you,
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