[horde] upgrading from 3.3.x to 5.x lost events, activities, etc.

Andrea Zagli azagli at libero.it
Wed May 29 10:49:23 UTC 2013

Il giorno mer 29 mag 2013 11:23:57 CEST, Jan Schneider ha scritto:
> Zitat von Andrea Zagli <azagli at libero.it>:
>> Il giorno mar 28 mag 2013 18:22:41 CEST, Michael J Rubinsky ha scritto:
>>> Quoting Andrea Zagli <azagli at libero.it>> i tried to upgrade (to  
>>> another server) from horde 3.3.x to horde 5.x,
>>>> but when i login with my user i don't see events, activities, memos, etc.
>>>> that's what i did
>>>> - backup db
>>>> - restore db to the new server
>>>> - install horde
>>>> - configure horde and upgrade schema
>>>> - install imp, kronolith, nag
>>>> - upgrade schema
>>>> - configure imp, kronolith, nag
>>>> everthing seams to be ok (no errors), but when i login with my  
>>>> user (and others) i don't see events, activities, etc.
>>>> i saw that if i create a new event it is created with an hash in  
>>>> calendar_id instead of plain user name as the old db
>>>> what could be the problem?
>>>> thanks in advance (and ask if you need more information)
>>> Check to be sure you are using the same share backend as you were  
>>> in H3. You are probably using sqlng now,  but had sql in H3.
>> yes it was as you said, but unfortunately it didn't solved
>> in horde3 i have datatree as share backend, and sql as datatree backend
>> if i change in horde3 share backend to sql i lose events, etc. also  
>> in horde3? or horde convert records to sql?
> Read the UPGRADING docs.

i think you refer to this


and now evertyhing works!!!

but, in my installation (h4 from pear) i can't find  
horde-convert-datatree-perms-to-sql and  
horde-convert-datatree-groups-to-sql: they are important? where can i  
find they?

thanks a lot

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