[horde] Only email syncing from Horde 5.0.4 using Activesync

Steve Jelfs steve at trolltec.co.uk
Wed May 29 16:18:07 UTC 2013

  Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:

> Quoting Steve Jelfs <steve at trolltec.co.uk>:
>> Hi
>> I Have successfully installed Horde 5.0.4 onto Ubuntu 13.04 and
>> everything
>> seems to be working as it should except...
>> Syncing the calendar from Horde to my Samsung S4 doesn't work - it will
>> sync the other way (using Active sync).
> Can't reproduce. Are you sure that:
> 1) You are syncing the expected calendar? We sync the user's "default"
> calendar automatically, any other user-owned calendars must be selected
> to sync in the user's prefs.
> 2) The calendar actually has events that fall within the time frame
> configured on the client?
>> I reset the device and got it to re-sync and produce a log.  I can't
>> any obvious errors in it - although I can see lots of references to my
>> imap
>> folders (although I disabled email syncing on the Samsung). 
> Disabling the email sync on the device is a really bad idea. Most
> android clients won't PING any other collections if you have the email
> sync disabled.
> Regardless, this is expected. The complete hierarchy of folders on the
> server is always sent to the client - it's the client's job to decide
> what to with it.
> If you really don't want to sync email, you can disable it in the horde
> config.

I only disabled the email sync so that the log file was kept down to
manageable proportions.  Usually I have it running and it works
perfectly.  I had reset the device in Horde and had the device set to sync
all of the calendar (there are only 3 events so far in the calendar over
the next two weeks).

Is there anything else I should/could check?



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