[horde] Problem dismissing Horde events with Lightning

Heiko Schellhorn schell at iup.physik.uni-bremen.de
Thu May 30 12:10:25 UTC 2013


short time ago we upgraded our Horde from 3.3.9 to 5.0.4.
New server, new installation, migrated old DB.

So far everything worked fine but we face one problem.

The Horde-Calendar is embedded in Thunderbird/Lightning as remote 
calendar via https://servername/rpc.php/kronolith/user/user.ics

If we now have an event with alarm and the reminder in Lightning comes 
up and is dismissed, after some time the reminder comes up again and 
again. It harasses until you e.g. edit the event and disable the alarm.

Yes... The remote calendar is writable.

If we observe the horde-db we can see the new event with alarm in table 
horde_alarms with field alarm_dismissed set to 0.
After the event came up in Lightning and got dismissed alarm_dismissed 
changes to 1 and the entry in horde_alarms disappears anytime later.
And event_alarm_methods in kronolith_events changes to N; (is N; correct?)

But unfortunately sometimes later the alarm comes up in lightning again 
and the entry in horde_alarm appears again. But this time instantly with 
alarm_dismissed set to 1.

With version 3.3.x we didn't see this issue.
We also compared two entries with alarm in kronolith_events written with 
old horde and new horde and have seen that the field alarm_method from 
dismissed events of old horde is set to NULL and new horde set it to N;

Comparison of two events in the ics-backup in thunderbird folder brought 
no news both entries have the same syntax.

I'm not quite sure if it's a problem with Lightning ?
Some forum-entries found concerning Lightning dismissal mostly deal with 
different issues or show workarounds to get rid of the harassing 
reminders but no real solution.

Or is it a problem with horde maybe caused by the schema update during 
upgrade ? (we also ran convert-to-utc)

Any ideas where to put the screwdriver to fix it ?



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