[horde] CardDAV - not showing contacts in eMclient (Jan Schneider)

Mail Admin pinemail11 at gmail.com
Thu May 30 17:16:51 UTC 2013

So far so good on Android tablets both Card DAV and CalDAV. I tried on  eM
client ( emclient.com) pretty good alternate to M$ outlook with  CalDAV and

Able to configure CardDAV on eM, when I create contact in eM, it is not
showing up there but on horde ( web ) I am able to see those contacts.

CalDAV - I am able to sync both ways.

Any pointers ?
Any errors, logs, wire traces?


Jan Schneider

I have fetched below error log from eMclient operations tab:" [CalDAV /
CardDAV] failed get access control list. (Multi-Status)."

I have attached the synchronization logs from eMclient.
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