[horde] Problem dismissing Horde events with Lightning

Heiko Schellhorn schell at iup.physik.uni-bremen.de
Fri May 31 10:40:51 UTC 2013


> Please add a bug ticket, I'll try to reproduce this.
Okay. I'll do.

As mentioned before I did some tests with in-text notifications in 
webinterface together with Lightning to check this behavior.

The in-text notification comes up only once. Without reference if I 
dismiss the event in interface or click it away and dismiss in Lightning.

During my tests I've observed the following things that may help you 
analyze the issue.

* I created the event in interface and as the notification came up I
   dismissed in interface. Then waited until the alarm disappeared in
   horde_alarms and startet Thunderbird/Lightning.
   The reminder came up immediately. So it seems Lightning didn't get to
   know that this event was already dismissed by another client (be that
   the browser or Lightning). Or as collegues do, to use Lightning at
   work and at home.

* As I dismissed the event in interface the entry of
   event_alarm_methods in kronolith_events didn't change.
   As I dismissed it in Lightning event_alarm_methods changed to N;

* As I once clicked away the reminder popup in Lightning without
   dismissing, Lightning wrote a new entry to horde_alarms setting a
   snooze of 5 minutes and set dissmissed to 0

* By accident I had both the Browser and Lightning opened the same time
   and deleted two events in interface. Minutes later they materialised
   again in interface. By this I realized that I forgot to close
   Lightning and it seemed to have synced that time.

   Okay that's not the correct way to use it (having two clients the
   same time) and who shall decide which is the correct information.
   But it seems Lightning during sync takes itself more important than
   the server and uploads it's informations.


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