[horde] Deep folder structure not syncing in AS

Simon Wilson simon at simonandkate.net
Thu Jun 6 15:42:30 UTC 2013

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> Quoting Simon Wilson <simon at simonandkate.net>:
>> I have a fairly deep folder structure in Horde Imp, but it does not  
>> all sync to AS devices.
>> E.g. I have in my IMAP space:
>> Saved Emails/Computer Stuff/Mailing Lists/Horde. Below that I have  
>> two folders BugsHordeOrg, and Archived Horde
>> AS syncs down to "Horde" but does not go to the next deeper level.
>> On the Cyrus IMAP server this is user.simon.Saved Emails.Computer  
>> Stuff.Mailing Lists.Horde.BugsHordeOrg
>> This issue shows on all AS devices I have tried - iOS, Android, Win8.
>> Is this a configurable thing, or an issue?
> Well, it's not something that can be configured...
> It's probably something to do with imap subscriptions to each  
> folder. Can you paste the following into the administrative php shell:
> var_dump($registry->mail->mailboxList());
> I'll update the existing unit test with a similar structure and see  
> what I can find out.
> -- 
> mike

Replied with that info off-list due to size.


Simon Wilson
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