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Sat Jun 8 15:48:41 UTC 2013

Zitat von Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:

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>> Quoting Arjen de Korte <arjen+horde at de-korte.org>:
>>> Citeren Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:
>>>> Im stuck totally and google also doesnt help me much how to make  
>>>> per-user reporting work.
>>>> Spam is pretty much blocked by the system with amavis and  
>>>> spamassassin, just the Horde Reporting doesnt work yet.
>>> If you're using amavis for spam filtering, are you sure you're  
>>> using per-user filtering? This is quite a hassle to setup and I  
>>> would not expect someone going through this, needing help in  
>>> setting up reporting. If you have no idea what I'm talking about,  
>>> you almost certainly use system-wide spam filtering and per-user  
>>> reporting is not going to work.
>>>> Is there any more lil information, or a nice document somewhere,  
>>>> you could give me?
>>> I already directed you to the man pages of spamd and spamc, which  
>>> is basically all you need if you need to setup per-user spam  
>>> reporting. But I'm starting to doubt if that is what you need.
>> Additionally, support on setting up the anti-spam solutions is  
>> entirely independent of Horde, so this list is not the proper  
>> location to seek such support.
> Right. So it looks like I have fixed spamd to accept users requests,  
> so I log into the server via ssh as a normal user and put
> spamc -R < /usr/share/doc/spamassassin-*/sample-spam.txt
> in the terminal and it gives me a good result
> 2013-06-08T17:29:51.282011+02:00 webster spamd[31499]: spamd:  
> checking message <GTUBE1.1010101 at example.net> for andreas:511
> 2013-06-08T17:29:51.684206+02:00 webster spamd[31499]: spamd:  
> identified spam (1000.0/5.0) for andreas:511 in 0.4 seconds, 799  
> bytes.
> 2013-06-08T17:29:51.684708+02:00 webster spamd[31499]: spamd:  
> scantime=0.4,size=799,user=andreas,uid=511,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost.localdomain,raddr=,rport=35922,mid=<GTUBE1.1010101 at example.net>,autolearn=no
> Now I would like the SPAM Button in Horde to report down to spamd  
> and in backends.local.php I have
> <?php
>    $servers['imap']['disabled'] = true;
>    $servers['advanced']['disabled'] = false;
>    $servers['advanced']['spam']['innocent']['program'] =  
> '/usr/bin/spamc -C revoke -u %l';
>    $servers['advanced']['spam']['spam']['program'] = '/usr/bin/spamc  
> -C report -u %l';
> which makes sense to me.
> I still didnt understand if I have to uncomment anything in the  
> backends.php in the advanced section, do I?
> Thank you,
> Andreas

No, never change backends.php. The 'spam' section is commented out in  
backends.php though, because it only acts as an example. You have to  
provide the full 'spam' configuration, not just 'program'.
Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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