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> Zitat von Arjen de Korte <arjen+horde at de-korte.org>:
>> Citeren Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>>> No, never change backends.php. The 'spam' section is commented out  
>>> in backends.php though, because it only acts as an example. You  
>>> have to provide the full 'spam' configuration, not just 'program'.
>> That's weird, because I only configured 'program' for 'innocent'  
>> and 'spam' and reporting works just fine. Are you sure the  
>> commented out section is not the defaults?
> No, that's well possible.

And thank you all for your help, it took a lil longer but now I  
understood how it works.


    $servers['imap']['disabled'] = true;
    $servers['advanced']['disabled'] = false;
    $servers['advanced']['spam']['innocent']['program'] =  
'/usr/bin/spamc -C revoke -u %l';
    $servers['advanced']['spam']['spam']['program'] = '/usr/bin/spamc  
-C report -u %l';

And now I start spapassassin with the '-l' option.

So this both settings allowed me in general to report spam back to  
spamassasin via spamc/spamd per user.

Thank you,
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