[horde] Log levels and AS clients login NOTICEs

Arjen de Korte arjen+horde at de-korte.org
Sun Jun 9 07:15:39 UTC 2013

Citeren Simon Wilson <simon at simonandkate.net>:

> I thought this was fixed a while ago - bug 12109? - but I still get  
> hundreds of these:
> 2013-06-09T12:56:06+10:00 NOTICE: HORDE [imp] Login success for  
> simon (Horde user simon) [1.....
> in 5.1.0. Log level is set to INFO, so I don't believe this should  
> be logging?

Log level INFO will only suppress messages with level DEBUG, all  
others will be displayed. If you don't want these messages, you should  
set the level to WARN (or higher). Unless debugging a problem, I  
usually set the level to at least ERR.
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