[horde] apc caching

cne at ruhrverband.de cne at ruhrverband.de
Mon Sep 2 20:12:09 UTC 2013

okay. so $conf[cache][driver] on apc should not work with the freebusy-bar.
By the way "-(fb\.php|(.*)\.vfb)" sounds better but, as I understand,
has no effect.
> Quoting Christopher Neuhaus <cne at ruhrverband.de>:
>> It`s astonishing how apc can speed up horde5. The only thing, I can´t
>> get over is to get the right freebusy bars when inviting an attendee.
>> This bars doesn`t update. Even if I log out and log in again.
>> I have tried it by modifying /etc/php.d/apc.ini with apc.filters =
>> "-/fb\.php$,-/.(*)\.vfb$" but with no success.
>> Only if I switch off $conf[cache][driver], I get the right behaviour.
> This has nothing to do with APC.  This is data caching at the Horde
> level.  APC is a PHP-level byte-code cache.
> michael
> ___________________________________
> Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]
Thanks for your answer!


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