[horde] Turkish with php 5.5

Andreas Schulze sca at andreasschulze.de
Wed Sep 4 14:53:56 UTC 2013

Zitat von Hannes Werner <jgoethe at gmail.com>:
> I can't find that file horde-autoloader-cache-prune

horde-autoloader-cache-prune is part of Horde_Autoloader_Cache.

$ pear list-files horde/Horde_Autoloader_Cache
Installed Files For horde/Horde_Autoloader_Cache
Type   Install Path
script /usr/bin/horde-autoloader-cache-prune
doc    /usr/share/php/doc/Horde_Autoloader_Cache/COPYING
php    /usr/share/php/Horde/Autoloader/Cache.php


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