[horde] ActiveSync Multiple Calenders

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Sep 5 12:50:29 UTC 2013

Quoting Anna Christina Naß <acn at annachristina.eu>:

> Am 05.09.2013 10:47, schrieb lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de:
> Hallo Andreas,
>> we need multiple calenders synced from Horde/Kronolith to mobile devices
>> with ActiveSync. While at leaset with iOS (Apple) the calenders sync
>> fine, you are not able to choose at the mobile device where to store new
>> events. All created events are stored in the default calender. Is this a
>> shortcoming of ActiveSync or the ActiveSync client?
> This issue has been addressed many times before (e.g. by me), but is  
> is "by design" of the Horde implementation of ActiveSync.
> While other systems can handle several calendars fine, the Horde  
> developers chose to mix all calendars together into one virtual  
> ActiveSync calendar.

This is 100% not true.

This is a limitation of the ActiveSync protocol, not our  
implementation of it. The protocol is only designed to handle the  
user's "main" exchange calendar. We attempt to improve upon this  
limitation by multiplexing the calendars together into a single  
calendar stream seen by the client. The result of this, is of course,  
that while you can see all the calendars, since they appear as a  
single calendar to the device, you can only create an event on your  
"main" kronolith calendar.


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