[horde] Activesync Calendar not in sync

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Fri Sep 13 13:03:22 UTC 2013

Quoting Philipp Fäustlin <philipp.faeustlin at uni-hohenheim.de>:

> Am 12.09.2013 18:16, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
>> Quoting Philipp Fäustlin <philipp.faeustlin at uni-hohenheim.de>:
>>> Since Horde 5.1.2 (Horde_ActiveSync 2.7.3) I have a problem syncing
>>> with activesync.
>>> After the initial sync Calendar entries/changes in Horde won't get
>>> recognized and won't get synced to my devices.
>>> Changes on my devices (IPAD, Outlook 2013) instead are immediately
>>> synced to Horde calendar.
>>> Changes in the horde calendar don't even show any changes to
>>> activesync log idling.
>>> ----------------------------------------------
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] SyncCache collections refreshed>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Refreshing @Calendar@ from the
>>> cache.
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Initializing state for
>>> collection: @Calendar@, synckey: {5231d4ef-1a64-475c-9e98-75d29029041b}6
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Loading state for synckey
>>> {5231d4ef-1a64-475c-9e98-75d29029041b}6
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Initializing message diff
>>> engine for @Calendar@ (@Calendar@)
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Using MODSEQ 962060 for
>>> @Calendar at .
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538]
>>> Horde_Core_ActiveSync_Driver::getServerChanges(@Calendar@, 962060,
>>> 962060, 1376582029, 1)
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Fetching changes for calendar
>>> using MODSEQ.
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Found 0 message changes in
>>> @Calendar at .
>>> 2013-09-12T17:53:49+02:00 INFO: [27538] Sleeping for 5 seconds.
>>> --------------------------------------------
>>> Is there a bug or do I have a configuration problem?
>> Are you sure the changes on the Horde side are in the calendar that is
>> being synched?
> I'm pretty sure, because my test user only has one calendar.
> I have this problem also when I change an entry in horde that was  
> create by the device and synced to horde.
> These changes won't get synced back to the device.
> How should the activesync modul recognise a change in the horde  
> database? Is there a trigger?

On every check (the ::getServerChanges() call in the log), it queries  
the Horde_History system for changes. Seeing how your start and end  
range numbers (962060 in the snippit above) are the same, this tells  
me that the History system does not yet know about any changes in the  
calendar, or there is some other error involving the history system.  
Check in your horde_histories table to see if the changes are actually  
being logged.

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