[horde] username always null in prefs_init hooks with LDAP auth

Guenter Bartsch guenter.bartsch at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 09:23:03 UTC 2013


we're trying to apply


to our horde setup which is using ldap authentication to set up the
default from email address for all users. unfortunately it doesn't
work because $username is always null when the hook is called:

Sep 30 10:37:02 mail2 HORDE: [horde] prefs_init, pref=from_addr [pid 30196]
Sep 30 10:37:02 mail2 HORDE: [horde] prefs_init, username= [pid 30196]

this is the code we have added to generate the log output pasted above:

class Horde_Hooks
    public function prefs_init($pref, $value, $username, $scope_ob)

        $logger = $GLOBALS['injector']->getInstance('Horde_Log_Logger');
        $logger->info('prefs_init, pref=' . $pref);
        $logger->info('prefs_init, username=' . $username);

anybody got any idea how to debug this further?



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