[horde] Any Advice for a Newbie ..?

John McIntyre joh98.mac at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 08:22:16 UTC 2013

I have a squirrelmail installation running on my webserver (CentOS 6.4,
apache 2.2.15, sendmail, php 5.3.3), but would like to get Horde up and
running for the shared calendars, webmail, shared address book etc.

But although I have considerable UNIX admin experience, I've never used
PEAR and so following the instructions on the website, I had no idea
whatsoever of what I was doing.  In particular, I'd like to test horde
first by putting it in mydomain.com/horde (so as not to conflict with
mydomain.com/webmail.  And then move it over.  But when I ran the
installation, there was no way I could find, to see where it had put its

I ran ..

pear channel-discover pear.horde.org

That seemed to work.  Then I ran ..

pear install horde/horde_role
pear run-scripts horde/horde_role
pear install -a -B horde/webmail

But what next?  I went to mydomain.com/horde/test.php but got a 404.

I am MySQL certified, so that side of the coin isn't a problem.  But is
there a newbies' guide to installation, so that I can be sure of what I'm


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