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Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
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> Other than the normal horde configuration,  you would just have to point
> imp/config/backends.local.php to your mailserver box. 

I did that, but I get a 'Connection to E-Mail server failed'

..the complete row:
- move config files to new webserver - restart, works
- move web content to new webserver (also Horde) - restart, works
- got white page instead of login - installed Horde over the existing  
(copied) installation
- restarted webserver, works.
- got login errors - correctly dumped database and imported it on new  
webserver - restarted all and it works.
- now I get the login screen correctly and set

// IMAP server
$servers['imap'] = array(
     // ENABLED by default; will connect to IMAP port on local server
     'disabled' => false,
     'name' => 'IMAP Server',
     'hostspec' => '', //which is the IP of my mail serve
     'hordeauth' => false,
     'protocol' => 'imap',
     'port' => 143,
     // Plaintext logins are disabled by default on IMAP servers (see RFC 3501
     // [6.2.3]), so TLS is the only guaranteed authentication available by
     // default.
     'secure' => 'tls',

in the backends.php file (will move to .local.php later when it works)

Any idea whats missing?
How is Horde authenticating on the mail server side? I can not see any  
attempt in its logs.

Thank you,

> mike
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> Subject: [horde] Moving web away from mail server
> Quoting Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>
>> Hi and a merry christmas!
>> I would like to move my webserver off my mailserver. Both resides
>> actually
>> on the same machine.
>> So I will be moving /etc/httpd, /var/www/html to the new server, and
>> installing all Horde needed modules.
>> Is there anything else I need to configure and how to tell horde the
>> 'new'
>> mailserver?
>> Thank you and have a good start in the new year!
>> Andreas
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