[horde] Moving web away from mail server

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Wed Dec 25 19:29:23 UTC 2013

I now have another problem.

Activesync does not work in form of saying Username or Password wrong.

Does this also need to be redirected to some other place, and how does  
Activesync do the auth?

Thank you,

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> Other than the normal horde configuration,  you would just have to  
> point imp/config/backends.local.php to your mailserver box. 
> mike
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>> Hi and a merry christmas!
>> I would like to move my webserver off my mailserver. Both resides actually
>> on the same machine.
>> So I will be moving /etc/httpd, /var/www/html to the new server, and
>> installing all Horde needed modules.
>> Is there anything else I need to configure and how to tell horde the 'new'
>> mailserver?
>> Thank you and have a good start in the new year!
>> Andreas

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