[horde] Certain users have different language for drop out menu item

Samuel Wolf samuel at sheepflock.de
Thu Jan 2 20:57:59 UTC 2014

Zitat von Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> Zitat von francis picabia <fpicabia at gmail.com>:
>> I have at least one user with this problem since the upgrade to  
>> webmail 5.1.5.
>> I tried deleting all of his horde_prefs table but it didn't help.
>> All of the menu items in the style of "in username's XXXX" come
>> out in Spanish for him, even if we try to override in the horde
>> language settings.
>> Those would be:
>> Addressbook -> New Contact -> in user's addressbook
>> Notes -> New Notess -> in user's Notepad
>> Only the last menu pop out "in user's XXXX" shows in Spanish.
>> All the rest, all menus, and even the target page if we
>> select to utilize the Spanish link, come out in English as expected.
>> In the past when something unusual with languages appeared in
>> the portal block headings, there was a way to set up some dump of values
>> into a setting saved under prefs.d and this worked.
>> I'd expect a solution like this, or perhaps finding a setting in the
>> database for
>> the particular user would help us.
> Those aren't dynamic but static entries. The resource names (like  
> calendars, address books) don't change if you change the language.  
> The are built when the resource is created on first login.

Is there a way to reset this?
I have this issue as well with some user profiles.

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