[horde] Bulk delete from Android over Activesync

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Mon Jan 13 21:12:17 UTC 2014

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>> I can't see the text of these emails from you at all in Imp or on  
>> ActiveSync clients Mike. All I see is no content, and Imp shows  
>> this (text version):
>> multipart/signed Signed (4 KB)
>> Error
>> The data in this part has been digitally signed via S/MIME.
>> Verification failed - an unknown error has occurred.
>> application/pkcs7-signature S/MIME Cryptographic Signature (4 KB)
>> text/plain Text (1 KB)
> I can confirm.  That message is badly broken.
> It is being sent as a multipart/signed part.  But the  
> multipart/signed requires *2* subparts - the cleartext message data  
> and the signature.  Instead, this multipart/signed contains a single  
> part - the S/MIME encoded data.  So it's broken in multiple  
> different ways.

FWIW, my copy of the email, in my Sent Items folder has the correct  
mime structure:

|- application/pkcs7-signature

Maybe something in Mailman is doing this? Still, this only seems to  
happen when sending from one specific Android device of mine, so maybe  
something is screwy in that client.

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