[horde] Horde/Kronolith/Dav & Shared Calendars

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Jan 14 09:56:16 UTC 2014

Zitat von Ralf Lang <lang at b1-systems.de>:

> On 10.01.2014 18:31, Anthony Messina wrote:
>> Hello, firstly, I would like to thank you for Horde.  I am in the
>> process of migrating from an EGroupware-based groupware solution to
>> Horde 5.1.5 with the groupware components.  So far, and with some hefty
>> Googling, I have almost everything working as expected.
>> 1. Users, authentication, and pre-authentication hooks (id, from_addr,
>> fullname) via an external FreeIPA (LDAP) server.
>> 2. Groups stored in Horde (SQL)
>> 3. Turba with shared addressbooks, etc.
>> 4. Everything except...
>> I have run across a snag though in that I cannot seem to get "shared"
>> calendars to become available via the CalDAV interface.  Again, with
>> some extensive Googling, I was able to reach
>> http://bugs.horde.org/ticket/12380 and
>> https://github.com/horde/horde/commit/83c961a5bbd28a41f9d897ae827bee00b628d59b
>> which lead me to believe that there is a workaround and that my users
>> *should* be able to see each others' calendars via CalDAV, so long as
>> they have been shared in Horde/Kronolith.
>> As "auser" I have created a calendar which I edit permissions and allow
>> "mygroup" (which contains "auser" and buser" members) to "read and edit
>> the events."
>> Using either Kontact/Korganizer/Akonadi or CalDav-sync (Android), as
>> "buser", when logging into http://example.com/horde/rpc/ I am only able
>> to retrieve my own "buser" calendar and task list.
>> When I browse the DAV interface as "buser," using the subscription URL
>> https://example.com/horde/rpc/calendars/buser/calendar:qmXKW9x9hZFr7VvyL1Wej1V/
>> I get the error:
>> <d:error xmlns:d="DAV:" xmlns:s="http://sabredav.org/ns">
>> <s:exception>Sabre\DAVACL\Exception\NeedPrivileges</s:exception>
>> <s:message>
>> User did not have the required privileges ({DAV:}read) for path
>> "calendars/auser/calendar:qmXKW9x9hZFr7VvyL1Wej1V"
>> </s:message>
>> <s:sabredav-version>1.8.7</s:sabredav-version>
>> <d:need-privileges>
>> <d:resource>
>> <d:href>
>> /horde/rpc/calendars/auser/calendar:aOtncQmkqMfKx2D1R6ZlwA7
>> </d:href>
>> <d:privilege>
>> <d:read/>
>> </d:privilege>
>> </d:resource>
>> </d:need-privileges>
>> </d:error>
>> Please let me know if I am misunderstanding the commit message,
>> indicating to me that I *should* be able to see others' shared calendars
>> via CalDAV, if there is some other permission or configuration issue
>> that I might be missing, or any debugging information that might be
>> helpful.
> Last time I checked, caldav on horde/sabredav only supported
> shares/calendars owned by your user. I added some minor improvements so
> it also supports shares owned by -system- (nobody) but I don't think it
> already supports calendars owned by 3rd party.

Correct, though I have a local POC patch that I'll try to get into  
master before the release.
Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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