[horde] EMERG: HORDE-BETA Missing required state object [pid 15927 on line 122 of "/usr/share/git-horde5/framework/ActiveSync/lib/Horde/ActiveSync/Driver/Base.php"]

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at horde.org
Tue Jan 21 01:31:22 UTC 2014

Quoting Tomi Orava <Tomi.Orava at ncircle.nullnet.fi>:

> On 01/18/2014 01:55 AM, Michael M Slusarz wrote:
>> Quoting Tomi Orava <Tomi.Orava at ncircle.nullnet.fi>:
>>> Also, it looks like the latest GIT master has some problems in
>>> showing all imap mailboxes whenever the option "use imap
>>> subscribtions" has been turned off. The old version
>>> "19efe8dac153be390c624d7e8de8ce4b3fde047c" that I used, was able to
>>> show all maiboxes just fine, but with the latest version, I'm
>>> unable to for example set the "trash mailbox" as the only available
>>> mailboxes are "inbox" and "virtual trash".
>> Can't reproduce.  Tested on multiple different IMAP servers (Courier,
>> Dovecot, Cyrus), with multiple different parent namespaces (empty
>> namespace, 'INBOX.').
> Ok, very intesting. I'm running Cyrus imapd v2.4.17.
> I think the easiest way to see re-produce the problem is to
> disable the "use imap subscriptions" and then try to re-configure the
> Trash folder. Do you have any pointers from where I should start
> debugging the available list of mailboxes in this mode ?
> I do find it quite odd though, that although the "use imap subscriptions"
> is disabled, the imap log shows this:
> S: 2 OK Completed
> S: * NAMESPACE (("INBOX." ".")) (("user." ".")) (("" "."))
> S: 3 OK Completed
> S: * LIST (\Subscribed \HasChildren) "." INBOX (CHILDINFO (SUBSCRIBED))
> S: 5 OK Completed (0.010 secs 718 calls)
> S: * LIST (\Subscribed \HasChildren) "." INBOX.Archives
> And still every single folder except Inbox or "virtual trash" is unavailable
> while trying to configure the trash folder for example.
> Is there some magic trick to be done so that all the caches gets cleared ?
>>> If I choose to enable the imap subscriptions, I would have to
>>> subcribe invidually every single sub-mailbox under my "RSS." folder
>>> as the web-interface doesn't allow be to subsribe RSS at all --->
>>> ie. the menu option is not there. The child mailboxes have this
>>> subsribe menu option in dynamic mode.
>> Not sure what you are saying.  You first say you can't do this, and
>> then you say you can.
>> As you mentioned, the option to subscribe to all sub-mailboxes exists
>> in dynamic view when viewing All mailboxes and IMAP subscriptions are
>> on.  (This option is obviously not available if subscriptions are off
>> or in basic/smartmobile view).
> No, what I meant was that I have the following tree:
> Inbox
>   |- RSS
>      |-folder1
>      |-folder2
> And while the last child folders have a full folder options menu
> available when using the "imap subscriptions" for some reason this particular
> folder called "RSS" is greyed out like the "Drafts" and "Sent", Trash and
> Virtual folder and therefore seems to have only the basic options
> available.
> -- Update --
> The problem turned out to be the fact that I was not subscribed to  
> the RSS base folder
> itself, while  I was subscribed to the sub-folders underneath.
> Therefore the folder menu options were not available to RSS-folder

Now I am very confused.  I thought in the OP that you said you weren't  
using subscriptions?

If a mailbox is not subscribed to, and you are using subscriptions,  
what you have described is obviously the correct behavior (RSS is  
*not* a valid mailbox in this instance).  If you want to work with RSS  
as a real mailbox, you have to either have to subscribe to it or  
temporarily display all mailboxes.

> and when
> trying to modify the folder ACL's from the "share mailboxes" page resulted a
> empty white page with the following error:
> 2014-01-18T14:03:50+02:00 DEBUG: HORDE [imp] PHP ERROR: Argument 1  
> passed to IMP_Imap_Acl::getACL() must be an instance of IMP_Mailbox,  
> null given, called in horde/imp/lib/Prefs/Special/Acl.php on line 46  
> and defined [pid 31624 on line 44 of "horde/imp/lib/Imap/Acl.php"]
> 2014-01-18T14:03:50+02:00 DEBUG: HORDE 1.  
> Horde_Core_Prefs_Ui->generateUI() horde/horde/services/prefs.php:32
> 2. IMP_Prefs_Special_Acl->display()  
> horde/framework/Core/lib/Horde/Core/Prefs/Ui.php:497
> 3. IMP_Imap_Acl->getACL() horde/imp/lib/Prefs/Special/Acl.php:46
> 4. Horde_ErrorHandler::errorHandler() horde/imp/lib/Imap/Acl.php:44

This is a separate issue from the mailbox display in the folder tree.   
This is a verified issue whereby editing non-subscribed mailbox ACLs  
is not working correctly.  I need to figure out how we want to handle  
this - whether we simply disallow editing non-subscribed ACLs, always  
display all mailboxes, or allow to toggle like we do on the search page.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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