[horde] does exist an Horde app for ...

Steffen skhorde at smail.inf.fh-bonn-rhein-sieg.de
Wed Mar 26 14:00:47 UTC 2014


I'm going to like my Horde5 installation and want to open it to a wider 

1) I would like to use Horde as a portal for little applications, that are 
not written in PHP, but are currently all web applications with flexible 
or self-made interface, which I can adopt easily.

Is there an app to let Horde do all the session stuff, authentification, 
menu at the top and a custom submeny left (like Kronolith) and the 
remaining page is content from a http request to another web app or a call 
to an external program that returns HTML? The links within return page 
need to fit some guidelines, only relative or whatsoever. Somehow the 
authentification has to be passed, ... .

2) I would like to use Horde to let user attend to events and cancel their 
attandance without invitation link.

Assume someone sets up a calendar, adds 40 events, configures how many 
attendees each particular event may have at maximum and makes it available 
to a group of users. Now each user may book such event up to the maximum 
number of attendees per event. But each user should be able, to "cancel" 
his/her booking, too. Booked events should be available in Kronolith.

More or less a Horde Doodle.

Kind regards,


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