[horde] imp: missing scrollbar

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Sun Mar 30 10:41:02 UTC 2014

  Citat af Andreas Schulze <sca at andreasschulze.de>:

> Hello,
> horde+imp from lates pear.
> I usually use horizontal layout in IMP. Here I miss a scroll bar just
> right to the list of messages.
> when I switch to vertical layout the scroll bar is visible any time.
> The scroll bar is there in *some* imap folders, but just not there if I
> like to scroll down :-(
> Is there a setting to force the scroll bar is visible always?
> Andreas
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If I zoom out under 100 % like to 90% the scroolbar disapers. (google
chrome and firefox)
It comes back when I zoom in again.

There is a way of getting it to be there at any time but it will interfere
with the current scrollbar.
So this must somehow  be disabled first. I havn't played around whith that
There is surely someone in here who knows mutch more about this.


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