[horde] Fwd: Interesting/wrong sync behavior with OL2013

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Mon May 19 17:46:27 UTC 2014

Pls dont top post :D

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> Sounds Good!
> I installed all from pear, how do I update best Way?

I do a pear upgrade-all and it does all at once.

You can also upgrade a channel (Horde) with pear.


> Best regards,
> Bastian
>> Am 19.05.2014 um 16:59 schrieb Patrick De Zordo <patrick at spamreducer.eu>:
>> Am 19.05.2014 16:37, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
>>> Quoting Patrick De Zordo <patrick at spamreducer.eu>:
>>>> (this is a re-post, since with attachment it was dropped by admin)
>>>> Please download the attached log: https://db.tt/4pef8jQX
>>>> ---8<----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> Hi there,
>>>> I have found a new problem on the actual installation..
>>>> Hopefully you are able to give me another help..?
>>>> I have installed a new Ubuntu 14.04 Server (all updates) and installed
>>>> postfix, dovecot and Horde from GIT (not alpha).
>>>> Checked 5 minutes ago with "git pull -uno", no changes in master.
>>>> All Horde functions seems to be ok, just with Active Sync there are
>>>> again some new problems..
>>>> Steps:
>>>> 1. After creating a new user in postfixadmin I open up Horde
>>>> webinterface and set the "Personal Information"/"Your full name:" and
>>>> "Personal Information"/"The default e-mail address..:"
>>>> 2. Set "Deleting and Moving Messages"/"tick: Move deleted messages to
>>>> Trash"
>>>> 3. Fire OL2013, create a new profile
>>>> 4. On first sync all seems to work as expected, all folders are synced.
>>>> OL gives back "All folders snychronized" and "CONNECTED" in the blue
>>>> bottom stripe (info bar in OL)
>>>> (I have the german Outlook, so i translate the German words by word, no
>>>> idea how the messages are in the English version, but it should be
>>>> clear)
>>>> 5. After a while (lets say 10-15 seconds) OL complains (in the blue
>>>> bottom info stripe) "Waiting for server response..." and "CONNECTED".
>>>> From this moment on the syncing is working just with big delay; and
>>>> sometimes its just synching when I change folder in OL (eg. Klick from
>>>> the Inobx to the Trash or something like that)
>>>> Do you know this strange behavior?
>>>> I attached a big logfile where the documented steps are reproduced.
>>>> Once today I have seen this "Error: Unable to initialize state for
>>>> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" appearing in log, don't know if important..
>>> I'm pretty sure this will be fixed by what I just committed.
>> Yeah hell, this did the job.. - Woow - lightspeed fix!
>> But, entries from Webcalender are not pushed to OL.. The other way round
>> its ok!
>> (And the time-difference-problem from other post persists - don't know
>> if it matters)
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