[horde] Calendar between Horde and Outlook running out of sync

Patrick De Zordo patrick at spamreducer.eu
Tue May 20 07:14:04 UTC 2014

This applies using Horde 5.2 (pulled to "7f6f416") in conjunction with 
Outlook 2013

1. case:
     When I create a new entry in OL calendar this is syncronized to 
webcalendar, but NOT the other way round..
     So, when I move a entry in webcal; its never reflected back do OL; 
they run out of sync. (date in "event_start" field from db 
"kronolith_events" is updated!)
     It seems every change in wecal is not synced to ActiveSync clients..
     To resolve, I have to delete entry in OL(!!) and recreate it.

2. case:
     Suppose I've created a new entry in OL calendar (let's say 
day0=2014-05-20 10:00:00 [date in "event_start" field from db 
"kronolith_events" = "2014-05-20 10:00:00"]); its sync'ed to Horde webcal;

     then I move this entry in OL to another time/day (let's say 
day1=2014-05-20 11:00:00 [date in "event_start" field from db 
"kronolith_events" = "2014-05-20 11:00:00"]) since I want to change it. 
Nice, it's synced to webcal!

     But, then I see I've moved it to the wrong day, and I move it again 
(let's say day2=2014-05-20 12:00:00)..
     From now on OL and webcal are going out of sync; in webcal the 
entry is "fixed" on the first move day (day1); in OL it's on the new 
position (day2)..
     This time [date in "event_start" field from db "kronolith_events" = 
"2014-05-20 11:00:00"], so it's not updated to the new value..

No further changes to this event are possible, till deleting and 
recreating a new event in OL.

So, I'm pretty sure it's a ActiveSync problem since DB is updated to 
reflect the webcal entry times not the OL times.
OL is NOT complaining about problems/issues (all in sync and connected 
in Outlook blue status line), probably the new DB values are not pushed 
to ActiveSync clients.

Sorry, I know I test my systems in a harcore way, but with lots of 
clients we can't just install without checking all of the features.

But I have to say, it's a GREAT product, really!


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