[horde] Doubling emails-problem in Outlook 2013

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Tue May 20 14:00:06 UTC 2014

Quoting Patrick De Zordo <patrick at spamreducer.eu>:

>> Am 19.05.2014 20:49, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
>>> While the WBXML response to the MOVEITEMS correct is correct, OL  
>>> also requires a DELETE command be sent to the ORIGINAL mailbox to  
>>> manually remove the original item. Even though in the UI, the  
>>> message is moved to the new mailbox, OL apparently still thinks  
>>> it's in the original mailbox and will remove the "duplicate" entry  
>>> once it receives this delete command.
>>> Both issues (duplicates when deleting or moving) should be fixed  
>>> with this commit.
>> Whas not fixed completely, pulled now from f6cde30 to 7f6f416,
>> deleting Mails works fine, they are not doubled.
>> But, moving them manually (drag and drop) from INBOX to "Junk", or  
>> some other folder isn't working as expected, doubling occurs..
> Well, not checked enough, now also on deletion of messages again  
> they are doubled..
> Changed nothing on config, nor on OL.

WTF? This worked for me perfectly for about an hour yesterday, and now  
it only works sporadically. The log shows the same WBXML being sent  
(we add the new email to the destination folder and delete the email  
from the source folder). If this isn't happening in a deterministic  
way, there is REALLY nothing we can do. A search on Google reveals  
that this IS a known issue in OL, so I'm going to have to say "not our  
problem" at this point.

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