[horde] 2 bugs

Atelier-boutique décoZu info at decozu.ca
Tue May 20 19:36:46 UTC 2014

As I am writing a new message or a reply, I cannot see my signature below
my message but I know it
is going be there when my message will be received. The old interface use
to show the signature right into the window while writing.

The result :
1- I cannot personalise my signature, even slightly, since I dont see it.
2- If you and me keep writing back and forth messages, my signature will
always be at
the end of our conversations, which is no-sense since it would be right at
the bottom every time. It should be right after my reply (like before!).

I can write HTML messages but the Webmail cannot show HTML messages.

The result :
We have to click links into the message itself in order to visualise the
sender HTML message. Which is anoying and time consuming.

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