[horde] ActiveSync 'from' address

Tim ODriscoll tim.odriscoll at lambrookschool.co.uk
Thu May 22 12:53:45 UTC 2014

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

My default identity's 'full name' is set correctly (to 'Tim  
ODriscoll'), and when I send an email from IMP within Horde my  
from-address is formatted properly. It's just on my ActiveSync  
devices. Do IMP and ActiveSync take the from-address from the same  


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> This comes from the user's identity settings. 
> mike 
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>> Dear List,
>> I'm running Horde Webmail 5.1.4 with ActiveSync protocol EAS14.0  
>> with LDAP for authentication.
>> When I create a new email (or reply to an existing one) from an  
>> Android device, the from address appears like so:
>> tim.odriscoll <tim.odriscoll at lambrookschool.co.uk>
>> When I create a new email on an iOS device the from address is:
>> <tim.odriscoll at lambrookschool.co.uk>
>> What I'd like it to look like (and what it already does look like  
>> in the webmail interface):
>> Tim ODriscoll <tim.odriscoll at lambrookschool.co.uk>
>> Where does ActiveSync get the 'from' address from? Is it a turba  
>> mapping I'm missing? I see no settings for the 'from' address on my  
>> Android device or my iOS device..
>> My LDAP displayName and cn are both 'Tim ODriscoll'.
>> Has anyone solved this problem before?
>> Tim
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