[horde] Memcache issue

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Thu May 22 21:10:40 UTC 2014

  Citat af Administrator BCS <adje at bezoekerscentrumsonsbeek.nl>:

> Quoting Arjen de Korte <arjen+horde at de-korte.org>:
>> Citeren Administrator BCS <adje at bezoekerscentrumsonsbeek.nl>:
>>> Got Horde is up and running but performance is not what it should be.
>>> It seems I have a problem with memcache. Memcache is up and running, I
>>> can connect to it with telnet localhost 11211, but the stats tells me
>>> nothing is happening there.
>> First question, how many concurrent users do you have? If there is a
>> performance issue, installing memcache is not magically going to fix
>> that for you. In you case it might help only if you have a problem with
>> storing/retrieving session information, but that will happen only if
>> you have many concurrent users and are starved on I/O. And even then
>> using native memcache sessions might be preferred over using a
>> distributed hashtable for caching session information. Enabling the
>> latter may even worsen the problem.
> I have only a few users, max 25 but in most cases only 3 or 4 are active
> simultaneously. The server is a brand new 3.2Ghz Xeon quadcore machine
> with 4Gb RAM. Apart from the Horde/apache2/postfix/dovecot/clamav stuff
> it's only running samba (only a few users as well). So it basically has
> nothing to do, processor load is a few % at max during peak moments.
>>> When I enable Memcache server under Configuration>Horde>Distributed
>>> Hash Table, my conf.php contains:
>>> $conf['sessionhandler']['type'] = 'Builtin';
>>> $conf['sessionhandler']['hashtable'] = true;
>>> ...
>>> $conf['hashtable']['params']['hostspec'] = array('localhost');
>>> $conf['hashtable']['params']['port'] = array('11211');
>>> $conf['hashtable']['params']['weight'] = array();
>>> $conf['hashtable']['params']['persistent'] = false;
>>> $conf['hashtable']['params']['compression'] = false;
>>> $conf['hashtable']['params']['large_items'] = true;
>>> $conf['hashtable']['driver'] = 'Memcache';
>> The above all looks good. Assuming that 'horde-memcache-stats' provide
>> some sensible output, you can rule out that this is the problem.
> Output from horde-memcache-stats:
> horde-memcache-stats
> Server: localhost:11211 (Version: 1.4.13 - 4 thread(s))
>    Size:          0,00 MB (Max: 64,00 MB - 0% used)
>    Items:         0 (Total: 0)
>    Cache Ratio:   0 hits, 0 misses
>    Connections:   5
>    Traffic:       0,00 MB in, 0,00 MB out
> It will stay that way all day.
>>> As soon as I enable memcache this way, I see some "Invalid
>>> application" errors in Horde and I get randomly "User is not
>>> authorized for horde" messages in the Horde log, followed by logout.
>>> No other error messages. I set memcached logging to -vv and see no
>>> activity at all.
>>> I suppose I do something wrong in the Horde config but after a lot of
>>> reading and searching I got a bit lost now. Any pointers in the right
>>> direction welcome!
>> What kind of performance issue do you have? And you do use an opcode
>> cache, right?
> Performance is more or less acceptable, but not the response speed I
> would expect based upon # of users, server load and server hardware. It
> can take over 5 seconds to process a user login and switching between
> let's say email and calendar also can take several seconds. Btw all
> users are on a direct wired lan connection so that should not be a
> bottleneck.
> About opcode caching: I have php5-memcache installed and phpinfo shows
> it is enabled.
> Hope this helps you pointing out the problem. Could very well be that I
> am looking in the wrong place, I am by no means an expert.
>>> Running latest Horde Groupware 5.1.4 on Ubuntu Server 12.04
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I had the same isue after an update for some time ago.
I newer got memcache to work satisfying with Hashtables.
I don't know why, because since I read that Horde perhaps would depricate
I choose to find an other cache handler.
After some research I chose APC. I know some is using Xcache too.
I have been satisfied with APC since...

/erling at eph.dk

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