[horde] Feature request ingo: Dovecot sieve "subaddress" extension

Torben Dannhauer torben at dannhauer.info
Wed Jun 11 13:25:54 UTC 2014

Dear Horde Devs,


I would like to filter incoming emails based on the address extension used
while delivering emails from postfix into dovecot via lmtp, e.g.
user+detail at domain.tld <mailto:user+detail at domain.tld> 


If the email is sent directly to the email address using the extension, it
works since the address extension is contained in some email header fields.

In contrast, if the email be delivered to a local dovecot mailbox (using
LMTP) after using virtual_alias which adds a new extension, the header is
not rewritten the new aliased address (containing the new address
extension), as expected. The email delivery to dovecot via LMTP using the
new address extension works as expected.


However, filtering via Ingo is not possible since Ingo filters the email
based on the header entries. It is possible to enhance Ingo to support the
Dovecot Sieve extension <http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Pigeonhole/Sieve>  called
<http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5233/> subaddress, which allows filtering
E-Mails based on the address extension used to deliver email to dovecot?


How big is the estimated effort to implement dovecot sieve address extension
for filtering?


Kind regards,



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