[horde] greetings - some quick questions

Tim Streit ledoktre at meanie.us
Wed Jun 11 16:26:54 UTC 2014

Greetings to all ;

We're just playing around with Horde the past few weeks, and it has really taken some great improvements since the last time I used it (5 years ago? more?).  Kudos to everyone for your hard work.

I've got a couple of hopefully basic questions to pose.  

1.  When is 5.2 planned to come out?  On the website, I see December 2013.  Some of the more advanced EAS features appear to be new in 5.2, so I'm wondering.  I am trying out the git version right now, but the last update I did, some things broke, and I'd really rather be on stable.

2.  Is there any way to rename any core folders?  I know this might sound odd, but for pure aesthetics purposes, can 'turba' be renamed to 'contacts' or something like that for example.  It might be either permissible or possible, or practical for that matter, but its  a question that I've been wondering about.  

3.  EAS.  I saw a note in the setup where it says that it is intended for use outside the US, or if they have bought an EAS license.  I'm curious about this - a license from whom, Microsoft?  Horde?  How do programs like Zarafa or Zimbra get by with Z-push, when this program has some common roots, or at least that is my understanding?  

4.  rpc.php - EAS.  When trying to use on my iPad, it won't connect to save my life.  No folders nothing.  Horde reports it has never synced.  By contrast, my iPhone works fine.  Same OS version.

5.  rpc.php - caldav / carddav.  When trying to play with, and I was having some trouble with my Mac (10.8.3) and contacts / calendar.  I had them setup as carddav and caldav, and I can view them fine in the browser.   But I keep getting an error (The operation couldn't be completed. (CoreDAVErrorDomain error 1.)).  I can't sync up or down.  On calendar, it uploads a few, then it stops with an error - a write permission error if I recall.  I can't reproduce it at the moment. 

6. With rpc.php, when I try to do a sync with syncml on my desktop, it seems like it works, but every time it gets done, it sits forever on 'canceling…', and never finishes.  So it never comes back around and syncs.

Any ideas or tips guys I'd appreciate.



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