[horde] greetings - some quick questions

Tim Streit ledoktre at meanie.us
Wed Jun 11 20:03:14 UTC 2014

>> 2.  Is there any way to rename any core folders?  I know this might sound odd, but for pure aesthetics purposes, can 'turba' be renamed to 'contacts' or something like that for example.  It might be either permissible or possible, or practical for that matter, but its  a question that I've been wondering about.
> I assume you mean "applications" instead of "core folders".  Application names/labels can be changed in horde/config/registry.local.php.
> michael

Michael,  yes?  I was talking about the domain.com/horde/turba folder, is it possible to change that to domain.com/horde/contacts.  I  poked around the registry.php/registry.local.php file to see what settings where in there, but it seems like the system sort of wigs out if I try to change turba to contacts.  I must be going about it wrong.



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