[horde] Extending userid's in Horde by a realm

Stephan Jacob stephan.jacob at ovgu.de
Thu Jun 12 07:53:51 UTC 2014

Thanks Michael,

I tried this but after log in I get a blank page (in

public function authusername($userId, $toHorde){
   if ($toHorde) {
    $imap = $GLOBALS['injector']->getInstance('IMP_Factory_Imap');
      $hostspec = $imap->ob->getParam('hostspec');
      $servers = IMP_Imap::loadServerConfig();
      foreach ($servers as $server) {
         if ($server['hostspec'] == $hostspec) {
            $userId = $userId . '@' . $server['realm'];
      return $userId;
      $userId = substr($userId, 0, strpos($userId, '@'));
      return $userId;

This first problem is "$imap =
$GLOBALS['injector']->getInstance('IMP_Factory_Imap');" This execution seems
not to work in Horde 5.1.6. 
In imps' backend.local.php I've  added    " 'realm' =>
'mailserver.domain.com', " to every server in the server array.

How can I modify the userid?

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Quoting Stephan Jacob <stephan.jacob at ovgu.de>:

> Hello,
> we run Horde 5.1.6 and imp 6.1.7.
> We want to extent our Horde installation to a central Horde/Imp server 
> which provides access to different peripheral IMAP server. So I 
> created a server list in imp's backend.local.php. Choosing and login 
> to the different server works well.
> Now we have the problem, that usernames are not unique among the 
> different IMAP server. That means, "user1" could be a valid userid for 
> IMAP server A and server B. But these are two different persons so 
> Horde should load different preferences for "user1" at server A and 
> "user1" at server B. For this, I want to extent the userid, the user 
> enters in the login form, by a realm. So the preferences in Horde are 
> stored under userid's like "user1 at serverA". I've googled a lot and 
> found an authusername hook for an old Horde version. Unfortunately 
> this hook doesn't work in Horde 5.16 and imp 6.1.7 Has someone an idea 
> how to extent the userid by a realm? This extension must be done after 
> the userid was send to the IMAP server, because the mail server need 
> the original userid for authentication (not the extended userid).

Horde's 'authusername' hook.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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