[horde] can remote calendars be seen over ActiveSync?

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Jun 12 22:43:48 UTC 2014

Quoting Jason Haar <Jason_Haar at trimble.com>:

> Argh! Stupid me - I just found the Preferences option for stating what
> calendars beyond the default should be synchronized with remote devices
> - but it doesn't show the Remote Calendar I have as an option, so I
> guess this issue is limited to Remote Calendars after all
> On 13/06/14 09:08, Jason Haar wrote:
>> Hi there
>> I've used the Remote Calendar feature to subscribe to my Google Calendar
>> and it works fine via the Horde web interface. However, it doesn't show
>> up over ActiveSync. I also have a secondary "local" calendar in Horde
>> and that doesn't show up either
>> Is it possible to have non-default calendars exposed over Activesync?
>> Thanks

Only local calendars are available for ActiveSync.

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