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Torben Dannhauer torben at dannhauer.info
Wed Jun 25 10:40:03 UTC 2014

HI Murali,

You seems to mix up two things:
a) Exchange is the full flavored groupware developed and maintained by
Microsoft. You can connect to it via the proprietary exchange API, mostly
used by MS Outlook.
b) For mobile devices, MS Exchange provides a special protocol called
"Exchange ActiveSync" which is not a groupware but a "communication
language". This protocol is available in mobile clients for example iOS or

Traditionally, MS Outlook only allowed to connect to an Exchange Server via
the Exchange API. Outlook was not able to talk "Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)".

Since Outlook 2013 this changed, EAS became a widely used protocol in the
last decade, so MS decided to "teach" Outlook also the EAS language - but
during account setup in Outlook you have to choose "ActiveSync", _NOT_
"Exchange", since this would use the Exchange API.

Horde provides this EAS "language", so you can connect to it using any EAS
aware client - forMS Outlook you have to use at least Version 2013.

Is Horde is a 100.0% Replacement? No, it is not. But imo it is quite good
and since most users do not use 100.0% of Exchanges functionality, you may
consider switching. I use it in my private environment it is very nice!

I assume you want to sync address book, calendar and tasks? That works quite
nice with outlook.
Email via EAS is not that nice (Outlook 2013 is very buggy regarding EAS),
but you can setup an IMAP account to the same email account for email usage.

Please look at http://wiki.horde.org/ActiveSync for further documentation.

Torben Dannhauer

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I am new to horde and installed horde webmail groupware 5.1.6 in wheezy with
postfix and dovecot. Everything works fine as far as mail transactions are
concerned .I have enabled activesync option and when i try to connect the
outlook to horde with option of Microsoft Exchange  i get the error message
saying there is no exchange server running. Can anyone help me in
configuring horde to sync the mails to outlook? Is Horde Activsync 100%
replacement for MS Exchange server? If yes kindly provide proper document to
make it work.

Thanks in advance

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